Caen Hill Hop 5.0%

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Caen Hill Hop is our version of a proper IPA. A New World Pale ale with aroma of exotic fruits from the Australian & American hops, smooth bitter finish.  Popular all year round and deceptively easy drinking.

Caen Hill Hop is available in the following formats.

9 Gallon Cask (Firkin)

20 Litres / 36 pints Bag-in-box

10 Litres / 18 pints Bag-in-box
5 Litres / 9 pints Bag-in-box
3 Litres / 5 pints Bag-in-box



Caen Hill in Devizes, Wiltshire is famous for its outstanding flight of 29 locks that takes boats up by 237 feet in 2 miles. This engineering masterpiece was designed by John Rennie and was the last part of the 87 mile canal to be opened in 1810. Navigating these locks takes around 5 to 6 hours on a good day. See more info here